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You may be all about a product. Or perhaps a service. But to be successful, to really sell it you need to tell a story that captures and holds the attention of your potential customer base. At Mad Design, we know how to tell those stories. Working with your team, we’ll gather your important information and all the pertinent details. We’ll compose and refine the story you want to tell. Copy will be clear, concise, and entertaining, specifically tailored to your needs and desires. Customers will be drawn into your world and want to learn more.

Jason Reitman
Jason Reitman

Jason Reitman profile excerpt for Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose

Early in his career, Jason Reitman established an simple credo: “I don’t want to make films that give you the answer. If there is a message to my films-and I hope there isn’t-it’s to be open-minded…

Following Thank You for Smoking, Reitman suffered no sophomore slump. Juno was both wildly successful and critically acclaimed, garnering four Oscar nominations, including Best Director. It’s an honest, straightforward, and funny story. But the humor is not his primary focus. He adheres to advice his father, the director Ivan Reitman, gave him just before Jason started shooting Smoking. He said, “Always remember: it's not your job to be funny. Your barometer for comedy is nowhere as good as your barometer for truth.” 

Culture of Success
Insight San Jose

Insight San Jose excerpt from Hemispheres Magazine

​Once a thriving agricultural center, San Jose changed dramatically with the growth of the computer industry in the 1980s. Today the technology engine known as Silicon Valley fuels the local economy, making San Jose the capital of this high-tech community ̶ and the world. The area boasts more than 6,600 technology companies, and more than 40 percent of San Jose’s workforce have bachelor’s degrees, compared with 25 percent nationally.

James Franco 
James Franco

James Franco profile excerpt for Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose

If you want to try to pin down James Franco, you’d better be really quick and have a lot of pins nearby. Much heralded and much analyzed, this bona fide, modern-day Renaissance man doesn’t dabble; whatever he takes on, it’s the full plunge, with both feet, arms, head, and heart—his entire being. Actor, director, producer, writer, author, performance artist, meta-explorer, and teacher, Franco lays waste to the phrase "multi-tasking." Attempting to label him would be a mistake, but if you called him a mega-tasker, you’d at least be somewhere in the ballpark.

Even as a boy, growing up in Palo Alto, Franco approached life with intensity and a thoroughness of purpose. When he was presented with a set of building blocks, for instance, the ensuing, usually complex, structure incorporated every single one. Possessing boundless curiosity and seemingly unlimited energy, he is in perpetual motion, swimming furiously, yet gracefully, in his personal sea of creativity. Does he ever rest? "Never," Franco says. "It’s an impossibility. I don’t even like to sleep. I feel as if there’s so much to do."

Striking Gold
Kerri Walsh Profile

Kerri Walsh profile excerpt from Silicon Valley Magazine

​Walsh was born in Silicon Valley’s Santa Clara to an incredibly (as in both dictionary definitions: so implausible as to elicit belief and astonishing) gifted athletic family: aunts and uncles included ̶ that would make many a coach drool. Her dad Tim pitched in the Oakland A’s organization at the Triple A Level, while her mom Margie was collecting volleyball MVP awards at Santa Clara University, the same school where Kerri’s grandfather excelled at football and track.

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